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Spectrum Line of Ecological Emotions

This activity helps people to share their emotions and thoughts about the ecological crisis. If wanted, you can focus explicitly on climate change.
(Version 0.9, work in progress)
Length: minimum 60 minutes, preferably 90-105 minutes. It is important to move towards empowerment near the end, and to provide enough time for this.
Number of people who can attend: preferably around 20. For experienced facilitators, it is possible to include a quite large number of people.
Requirements for the facilitator: Please do not lead this activity if you have not done inner work about ecological emotions yourself. You also should have at least basic experience of facilitating group work. If you are not very experienced, it is wise to guide this with a colleague.
However, you do not need to be a professional therapist to facilitate this activity.
Further ideas and tips More information and tips about facilitating this kind of work can be found at: - Carbon Conversations Facilitator’s Guide, Rosemary Rand…